Content marketing: An unofficial history of SEO

In fact maybe even a giant leap..

Wee bro knows that it’s tough getting started as a small business and that you have a hundred “more important things to do”.

But the rewards of content marketing done right are nothing for smb’s to thumb their nose at.


  • Being known as a helpful source of info in your area of expertise. ie the go to guy for x (x being what you do)
  • Having a wide variety of pages targeted towards different search terms people use in different stages of the buying process
  • That last one deserves a bit more attention in fact so does the previous so lets dive in..


You know what they work together!

Lets take a look at at the history of Search engine optimization and see how we got to this point of content marketing being the buzz word.

At it’s most basic level SEO has always been about creating pages that target keywords you want to be at the top of Google for RIGHT?

In days gone by (and still decreasingly to this day) this was done by creating a page with you keywords in all the right places.


Um well that was about it!

Yes links from other sites was also very important but it didn’t change the way the page looked or the info that was on it. It also mattered little where those links came from.

You see..


But at that time no human needed to link to you for you to benefit from your link building efforts (or lack thereof).

You could use programs to go out and post thousands of links on things like blogs and forums across the web to game the system

ie Google into thinking you were popular and that your content was worth having  high in the search results page. Even when

your content was it’self created by robots (using a technique called article spinning which produces unreadable gobleegook )


This made the web a very ugly uninformative place to be sometimes.

Especially when you were looking to buy something or worse to make s decision on what to buy and who to buy it from.

But of course the reason people did it was because it worked!

Well at least it partially worked it enabled people to create tons of pages that ranked well in search engines and brought massive amounts of traffic. Most of the time the idea was to get people who landed on the page to click on the paid advertisments

and of course since there was nothing on the page worth reading they often did.

But what they did not do was buy from that page. You see these tricky SEO’s and business owners were not completely stupid :)

They still had what are sometimes called “money pages” ie The only page worth putting actual time and effort into (at least at the time or in their minds).

Ah so the money page was content marketing!


The money page was copywriting designed to sell sell sell.

Enter Content Marketing SEO for user experience as well as search engine aka common sense