How to get your massage business to the top of Google local search results

This is the first part of an ongoing case study series about how to improve marketing for your massage business.

The client we are currently working with is a Myotherapist. He is located in a certain area where there are quite a few other massage competitors, however none of them are doing any serious SEO.

So why wasn’t he ranking for massage in his local area?

This was a very easy fix, utilising Google Plus (which has become pretty well the most important element when undertaking local SEO).

Because the client is a myotherapist, he naturally promotes this fact both on his website and Google Plus page. He of course uses massage constantly during his treatments and was concerned that people aren’t familiar enough with myotherapy to be initially searching for this service.

Do keyword research to understand what potential clients are actually searching for

We firstly opened up Google’s AdWords keyword tool to establish what people in the local area were looking for. We discovered that our instincts were right – there was very little people searching for ‘myotherapy [location name]’.

However, the good news was that there were 110 people searching for ‘massage [location name]’ per month (and for the size of the local area, this was a significant amount). We also discovered that there were a smaller number of people searching for keywords such as:

– physiotherapist [location name]

– osteopath [location name]

– acupuncture [location name]

Although his services vary slightly, he could certainly provide an effective treatment to people searching for these terms. We could perhaps write a blog post about how myotherapy and osteopathy are similar to help us rank for this keyword, as well as using it as an opportunity to educate people about what myotherapy actually is.

Analyse what the competitors are doing online and you are not

The next step was to discover why the client’s competitors are ranking for ‘massage [location name]’ to figure out what we could improve on.

What improvements can be made to your homepage?

The first thing we found was that the main competitors constantly referred to massage on their homepage.

Although the client  referred to massage on his product page, there was no obvious reference on his homepage. That was an easy fix to implement through adding a description about his massage services in a more prominent location on his homepage. He decided to go even further and add ‘Massage’ into his business name so it became [Brand Name] Myotherapy & Massage.

Now there could be no confusion!

The other decision we made was that we needed to start writing regular blog posts so he would have more probability of ranking in Google for the subjects discussed.

What improvements can be made to your Google Plus page?

The other major thing we discovered was that the client had his main industry in Google Plus set to ‘Alternative Medicine Provider’, whereas his major competitors had theirs set to ‘Massage’. Again, this is a very easy fix that makes it crystal clear to both Google and your clients what you offer.

google plus page massage business


Although, massage isn’t the only thing he offers, having an understanding of the keyword research gives you much more opportunity to tailor your online profile to capture potential client’s attention. You can then get your foot in the door by letting people you offer a more popular service. Once they are on your website, you have a better opportunity of educating them about the benefits of your lesser known services.

The client has now made these small changes and we are waiting to see the results.

Stay tuned for the next section where we will discuss ‘How to develop a blogging and social media strategy to educate and convert your potential clients’.

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