The guidelines we operate by when conducting email marketing (Part 1)

Hi there,

here’s a little information about how we can help your business nurture and convert prospects through email marketing.

Let’s face it, most email newsletters are spam. I’m sure you regularly get messages in your inbox promising discounts, guarantees and other boring emails that you delete without even opening.

That’s not how we work.

Here are the guidelines we operate by when conducting email marketing:

1.Offer genuine value

We aspire to email people with a message they will find genuinely valuable. So valuable that they will not be able to resist checking out what is inside.

If subscribers open our email and they find a sales pitch, they will find it difficult to trust us. However, if they find an article, eBook, video, or podcast that provides a solution to a major problem they face – they will want to stick around to find out more.

If we can deliver this value straight to their inbox on a regular basis – this is where trust is established and sales come as a result.

2. Be respectful, entertaining and engage in a two way conversation

If we were invited to someone’s home for dinner, we wouldn’t disrespect them by talking about ourselves the whole time. The same goes for being being invited into someone’s inbox. We don’t want to be the obnoxious by constantly pitching sales and specials. We want to build people’s trust.

3. Test, analyse, retest

Each customer base is different. The only way to truly know what works with your audience is to test how they respond to different versions of the same newsletter. The beauty with our preferred email marketing tool (MailChimp) is that it tracks all data such as Open Rates and Click Rates. It also offers the ability to split test subject lines and content making it much more effective to figure our what works best with your subscribers.

4. Be targeted

Localize your content to connect more deeply with a smaller audience, as opposed to having shallow relationships with a “catch-all” audience. We establish exactly who we are marketing to and tailor our language and content based on these groups.

5. Be consistent

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

People’s attention spans are short. Keeping your business’s message in front of them on a regular basis is a powerful reminder of your brand.

We will create an email marketing calendar (that will tie into your overall marketing schedule) to make sure we are getting emails out on a regular and timely basis.

6. Be efficient

When working with small businesses on tight budgets, we know it is important to be as efficient as possible with time and resources. That’s why we use auto-responders to help manage the email marketing process. This means that no matter how busy you get, your new email subscribers are always well taken care of. It also means, the millionth subscriber is getting the same experience as the first.

to be continued….