SEO Consultant Melbourne

After watching Jim’s video  on ranking quickly for the phrase “SEO consultant Melbourne” 

I thought I might as well have a crack too!

So here goes…

The brainstorm:

  1. List my favorite SEO consultants in Melbourne and maybe some that I think are not so good (controversy earns links?).
  2. Create a few supporting pages/posts using SEO silo structure and internal linking. ie how to find a quality SEO consultant in Melbourne, What makes Melbourne SEO’s different than other SEO’s (needs work!).
  3. Find some interesting images related to SEO consulting in Melbourne
  4. Use google authorship (like Jim has!)
  5. Talk about google authorship as this is a phrase about individual SEO’s in Melbourne  ie Authorities on SEO
  6. Make a youtube video and post it on the site
  7. Share the post on social media
  8. Come up with some clever angle (more on this later….)

Apoligise  for bad spelling (and repetitive and inappropriate use of brackets).

———————-End brainstorm————–

Isn’t it funny how when you end a brainstorm you always get one more (or or more) idea!

9. Share some of the best quotes from Melbourne SEO consultants

10.Engage in some conversations on the topic (maybe even on Jim’s blog)

——————–Real end of brainstorm—————–

…and then the SEO consultants fear set in

What if it’s not enough what if I am just another cleverly hidden dead body on page two of Google. My SEO street cred would be in tatters!

My brain started to race…

Have I really done enough competitive research? How do I know that Jim doesn’t have a massive link farm funneling mass amounts of Google Juice to his newly created blog post.

But wait…

Jim has actually done some competitive research for me!

UPDATE: This page was indexed within a minute of publishing but is not ranking in the top thirty, so maybe I am wrong here and there are indeed a lot of people working on ranking for it.



 Hang in is it even worth ranking for?

SEO consultant melbourne post comments image from Jims blog

Well apart from the sheer vanity of it all YES!

SEO consultant melbourne data from adwords keyword tool

Tweeting the SEO consultant wars have begun!

Ok I’m in!

It took Jim all of five minutes to get his post indexed let’s see how long it takes me?


It took ages! ):

Just been snooping around the competition it’s amazing what you can find out about how people are ranking with and sometimes even amazinger what you can find with ahrefs (seems to find all the really spammy links).

I have to say number 2 is a real shocker! There is not one natural link to that website out of 286 :)

What kind of links are they?

Links from client sites! I guess it shows he really is an SEO consultant or actually more correct maybe an SEO. But hey what he’s doing is probably working for his clients and it’s working for ranking this key phrase I’m going after so good on him.

But the side bar on his page is still saying this….


This is the Primary Sidebar Widget Area. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area.


OK who is next well at the moment its Jim he’s been a bit of an SEO hero of mine (love his videos!) and I don’t really have any reasons why he shouldn’t be ranking where he is.

Google authorship and SEO consultant melbourne case study

Date in one no date in the other?

I think Jim mentioned that freshness
(which google is seeming to like these days) might be playing a part in his ranking as you can see from the date its not quite as fresh as it could be (mines fresher).  Maybe if Ian added (or fudged as in above link) a date on his post and maybe updated it (of fixed that bloody sidebar :) he would move to number 1?

Although I’m not sure I can go as far as Jim to say forget about links completely I think it’s great advice to keep updating and adding to content. It’s much easier said than done especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of posts but for those starting out I think it’s great advice.

Well I am following it aren’t I!

The Melbourne SEO consultants tweet!

One small step for mankind but a giant tweet for weebro