Free Online Store with 6 Month Marketing Package


You pay nothing until after your website is approved by you!

Read on below to for all the amazing features and service you will receive with this package…

Product Description

Just quietly, this is a damn good deal.

Basically, you get a free website and 6 months worth of marketing for $800 per month.

Have a think about it…

That’s only $4800.

Most companies would charge you more than that for the website alone.

This way, it helps spread out the cost (you can choose to pay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments). And it means your website is getting attention straight away. A much better option than gathering dust in the dark corners of the internet while you try and find the time and money for marketing.

Once the 6 months is up, you are under no obligation to continue with us. However, if you are loving the results (which we audaciously assume you will), you can upgrade or downgrade to any of our other marketing packages.

So lets talk specifics.

This is what you will get with your package:

Website Features:

  • Domain name and hosting set up and maintenance  for one year
  • WordPress Content Management System with woocommerce shopping cart
  • Great looking, branded design
  • Whatever functionality you need to get you selling online (If there is not a wordpress plugin for it we will code our own!)
  • Featured image slider
  • SEO ready website, including SEO tools such WordPress SEO by Yoast all set up for you
  • Traffic analytics tools
  • Custom Contact forms and customization’s to shopping cart to suit your business model and target markets purchasing / contact needs
  • Training session’s on how to help us maintain your own website
  • Email, Skype and phone support for website

Online Marketing Features:

  • 5 (minimum) hours keyword and competitor research
  • Customised whatever it takes online marketing strategy
  • Sourcing of a minimum of 10 quality authority and traffic sending links per month. This is the new link-building approach you can read about on Moz. Yes we are real SEO’s who live and breathe link-building.
  • Blog setup , customization to accommodate for your content marketing strategy  and Google authorship ready.
  • Minimum 2 x planned & researched blogs per month that fit in with the rest of the social, content marketing and link building strategy (otherwise why bother!).
  • Social media setup with all the graphic design and trimmings including the latest social media marketing tools (Hootsuite, Followerwonk, Offerpop etc etc)
  • Regular whatever it takes social media updates
  • Email marketing setup
  • 1 email newsletter per month
  • Google Places and directories set up
  • Advanced SEO optimisation of your website
  • Set up of analysis and reporting tools
  • 2 hours meetup time /consultation time each fortnight.
  • Email, Skype and phone support for online marketing

Plus much more!

Ask any of our clients. We go the extra mile. What ever it takes to get your store selling we will do. We have been known to do things like…

Pay for Facebook advertising out of our own pockets for clients. Come up with big ideas over and above what is expected of us and deliver them including graphic design for social media campaigns or onsite marketing collateral, link-building, extra copy-writing, custom coding even entire re-brands!


Because we love our clients passion for their business and we thrive on seeing them succeed.
Extra hours on Skype late at night getting work done brainstorming ideas or scoping out the competition. YES! That’s what we do with clients.

So what now?

Either sign up (no money down until you approve your online store) and enter your details (email, phone , etc). We will be in touch to start the process of understanding your business. Your goals your product your business model etc. The store we will build for you is customized base on this time spent working with you to deliver – the best platform for your online store and marketing campaign. It can take up to a month and many hours of your time – but you would expect nothing less to get the kind of results we are aiming for here.

If you have any questions or concerns at all please contact us. Our business is based around being available for our clients. Your dealing with a small dedicated team who will be working directly on your project not a customer service agent or salesman!